Healthy sex choices: A user-centered designed, sexual health focused contraceptive decision aid for diverse young adults
Awarded 2021
Emerging Scholars in Family Planning
Rose Goueth, MS
Oregon Health & Science University

Rose is a National Library of Medicine Predoctoral Fellow and PhD candidate in Biomedical Informatics, focusing on Health & Clinical Informatics at Oregon Health & Science University, with an MS in Biostatistics from Tulane University’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Her current dissertation work combines her interests in women’s health, consumer and health informatics, patient decision aids, and patient-centered care. Using her own experience of having no reliable sources of sexual health information as a young adult, she sought to identify a solution that would inform young adults about sexual health related to contraceptives while being culturally appropriate, informative, and accessible. Rose’s dissertation uses a mixed-methods design and user-centered approach to enhance young adults’ sexual behaviors and decision-making by adding a patient decision aid during contraceptive counseling visits. This research engages many within the healthcare system involved in contraceptive decision-making (eg, patients, clinicians, health educators, women’s health researchers) to share their perspectives and opinions about current and future efforts to conduct contraceptive counseling. Successful completion of this research will produce a patient decision aid that addresses gaps in reproductive health behavior knowledge, is acceptable to young people, and is feasible for future clinical trials.