Dana Schonberg, MD, MPH, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Objectives: Incarcerated women experience high rates of unintended pregnancy and many are interested in starting a form of birth control. Despite this contraception is not routinely available at jails and prisons. This study was undertaken to understand women’s perceptions of receiving contraception at Rikers Island Jail. Methods: In depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with women ...Read more >

Amy Stoddard, MD, Washington University in St. Louis

Objective: To compare 12-month pregnancy rates and time to pregnancy between women discontinuing the intrauterine device (IUD) and women discontinuing non-intrauterine contraceptive methods, including the oral contraceptive pill, contraceptive patch, vaginal ring, or etonogestrel implant. Methods: We recruited sexually active women 18-35 years of age enrolled in the Contraceptive CHOICE Project who had discontinued a ...Read more >

Tania Basu Serna, MD, MPH, University of Southern California

Background: Studies of weight gain in DMPA users have shown mixed results with most showing weight increase however the mechanism of weight gain with DMPA remains unknown. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) provides an important tool for investigating brain regions associated with food motivation. Objective: The primary objective is to examine changes in activation of ...Read more >

Katherine Damm, MD, The University of Chicago

Background: There is a paucity of research on access to and provision of family planning services in the rural United States, and specifically little attention has been paid to rural adolescents and their family planning needs. Rural women face general and reproductive health care disparities, which have previously been described. Most available family planning data ...Read more >

Tara Kumaraswami, MD, MPH, University of Illinois

Objectives: The postpartum period is a high-risk time for unintended pregnancy, and additional opportunities to provide contraception are needed. Our objective was to evaluate the acceptability of providing postpartum contraceptive counseling at a pediatric well baby visit, and compare it to counseling at the routine postpartum visit. Methods: Postpartum women (100 per group) were recruited ...Read more >

Lisa Haddad, MD, MS, MPH, Emory University

This cross-sectional study sought to determine factors associated with sterilization among HIV-positive US women. HIV-positive women aged 18–45 completed an Audio Computer Assisted Self Interview (ACASI) questionnaire. Chi-square tests and multivariable logistic regression evaluated factors associated with sterilization. The median age of the 187 participants was 37, the majority had at least a high school ...Read more >

Jennifer Robinson, MD, MHS, MPH, John Hopkins University

This study is a formal comparison of the contraceptive knowledge, attitudes, and experiences of HIV-positive adolescent females with those of their HIV-negative peers. We hypothesize that the presence of HIV – a chronic illness that requires lifelong management – will be associated with lower contraceptive adherence and different perceived barriers to successful contraceptive use than ...Read more >

Mya Zapata, MD, MSc, University of Michigan

The purpose of this pilot study is to explore the impact of physician self disclosure (PSD) of personal intrauterine contraception (IUC) use during contraceptive counseling. We hypothesize that PSD of IUC use positively impacts patients during contraceptive counseling. To study this we will conduct a prospective randomized block design pilot trial at the University of ...Read more >

Amy Bryant, MD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The copper intrauterine device (IUD) is a safe, long-acting, and effective method of contraception that is under-utilized in many countries, including Malawi. A unique cohort of women who had enrolled in a trial of postpartum IUD use one year earlier gave insights into reasons for using, discontinuing, or not using the IUD. We conducted in-depth ...Read more >

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