Contraception policy and practice should be based upon the best available science. As a community, we build knowledge to increase and improve the delivery of and access to evidence-based care and align policy with evidence.

News and Updates

2021 Changemakers in Family Planning and Emerging Scholars in Family Planning
The Society of Family Planning Research Fund is committed to intentionally supporting scholars of color and cultivating new, emerging scholars. To that end, we are… READ MORE
Announcing the 2021 SFP NIH Navigation Cohort
We are delighted to announce the 2021 SFP NIH Navigation Cohort, an NIH proposal development program led by Vanessa Dalton, Cynthia Gomez, and David Turok.… READ MORE
Family planning visits during the COVID-19 pandemic: Phase 3 results now available
Please click here to download. For questions or comments, please contact Mary Tschann, PhD, MPH; Hannah Lange, MPH, CCRP; Elizabeth Ly, MPH; Sara Hilliard, MA,… READ MORE

Recent Grants

Sarah Gutman, MD, MSPH, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center
Lindsay Dale, MD, University of New Mexico
Emily Freeman, DO, MA, MS, Washington University School of Medicine


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